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Questions over Rep. Todd Smith's stance on Voter ID persist as an issue in House primary: A fellow GOP rep. says Smith wanted voter ID to die
Saturday, Feb 27, 2010, 12:15PM CST
By Trent Seibert

State Rep. Todd Smith said during the heater voter ID debate last year that he wanted the measure to die, according to state Rep. Betty Brown.

Brown's comment was put out today by Smith's Republican primary election opponent in House District 92, Jeff Cason.

"Todd Smith said on the House floor that he thought the best thing for Republicans would be if this bill just died” in reference to the Voter ID bill.

Brown served on the House Elections committee, which Smith chaired.

In breaking ranks with the chairman, Brown adds fuel to the voter ID debate that has dogged Smith in his bid for re-election. Smith has maintained that he was seeking a compromise ID bill that could pass the legislature, but other Republicans have said he was single-handedly responsible for keeping an issue close to their hearts from winning passage.

The controversy? Many GOP leaders wanted Smith to stick with an earlier voter ID measure to require photo ID at the polls. Smith had said he supported a less stringent bill, and wanted to delay the ID requirement for two to four years and exempt some older voters.

Texas Watchdog broke a story earlier this month that dealt with Smith and his stance on voter ID.

The story centered on a voicemail recording obtained by Texas Watchdog in which Smith referenced "stupid" GOP women during the heated debate on voter ID.

Smith, a lawyer in the Mid-Cities town of Euless, between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, said the comment was directed at the woman he was leaving the message for, rather than the female Republican population at large.

The recipient of the voicemail believed he was talking about all Republican women who supported tough voter ID measures.

Brown is in the midst of her own primary race, where an opponent is calling her out for not being conservative enough -- a common theme in the nearly 20 GOP primary challenges taking place in Texas right now. And Brown is also no stranger to controversy when it comes to voter ID. She apologized last year after making a comment concerning the names of Asian-American voters during a voter ID hearing.

We're putting a call in to Brown and Smith on this issue today.

See the entire press release below:


                                                                                                                                                             FEB. 27, 2010
                                                                                                                                                             Contact Jeff Cason


Today Republican Representative Betty Brown, who sits on the Elections Committee chaired by Representative Todd Smith, released the following quote:

"Todd Smith said on the House floor that he thought the best thing for Republicans would be if this bill just died", in reference to the Voter ID

Representative Smith's distortion of the truth in an effort to get re-elected has caused his fellow Republicans to step forward and tell the truth about Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith has ruthlessly attacked his opponent and is lying to the voters, saying "his record proves that he strongly supports strict voter photo ID laws". But we know Smith's deceit caused his fellow Republican Elections Committee member to step forward and set the record straight.

The record is that Representative Smith sat on the Voter ID bill for 5 weeks in his committee, refusing to even allow a vote for 5 weeks. It took 71 Republicans signing an open letter to Rep. Smith to get a vote on the bill and even then the vote didn't come until 11 days later.

What happened to Voter ID when it finally came out of Smith's committee? There was just enough time in the session for the Democrats to stall the bill, so session ended without a vote and Voter ID died on the house floor...sounds a lot like Rep. Smith's quote, "the best thing for Republicans would be if this bill just died" - guess what, it did die and now we know for sure who killed it.

"For Todd Smith to use his office to attack me for all of these weeks and to lie to voters about his record is beneath the dignity of the office. Thankfully there are honorable people on the elections committee who are outraged enough by Todd's lies that they'll step forward when an injustice is being done to the voters. Todd should apologize to my family for the lies he's told and the harm he's caused. Finally, Todd Smith and his campaign of distortion and attacks have been brought into the light of truth and justice", said Jeff Cason.


John Holcomb
Saturday, 02/27/2010 - 07:32PM

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram called Jeff Cason today accusing him of not getting Representative Brown's permission to use that quotation from her when Jeff's mail piece landed in the mail today. Jeff set them straight at the Star-Telegram-- and then (by coincidence?) Todd called Betty Brown to shout, whine and hang up on her. Todd and the Star-Telegram are working in tandem trying in earest to save Todd's hide. Todd had a mail piece land in mailboxes today quoting the Star-Telegram from yesterday. Anyone knows that Todd could not have used that quotation from the Star-Telegram unless they shared with Todd what they were going to print. Todd and the Star-Telegram are working together to re-elect Todd. Is there a campaign finance violation here somewhere?? The Star-Telegram is out playing in the election and then reporting on it as though they are honest brokers of information and bystanders. What a bunch of boa-hunk that is.

The campaign in Hurst, Euless and Bedford, House District 92 has featured Smith squealing in the press and over mailers about negative attacks on him by Cason-- calling Cason a "liar" about characterizing Smith's position and role on the Voter ID bill from the 2009 Legislative Session. Well Betty Brown has given testimony to clear things up-- Todd DID want that voter ID bill to "just die". Why is that, Todd?? 71 Republicans wrote Todd telling him that they had the votes on the floor to pass it and to send it to them from his committee so that they could debate the bill, vote on the bill and pass the bill. Is Todd the one magic man that could pass the bill? More effective than the combine body of the Texas House combined? Todd stalled that bill for five weeks, saying today that he was trying to craft a compromise-- buffalo chips-- and Betty Brown just confirmed it. Todd has been screaming "liar, liar" in mailers at Jeff Cason and now Jeff Cason has been proven to be telling the TRUTH!

Mr. Todd Smith squeals every time someone shines light on his record and the Star-Telegram runs cover for him.

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