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ATI Career Training Center's jobs claims questioned; Dallas trade school doesn't deny paying homeless to impersonate students
Monday, Nov 15, 2010, 04:44PM CST
By Steve Miller
auto mechanic

The prolonged economic downturn, coupled with generous stimulus money and education funding, has sent college enrollment in the U.S. to its highest rate in four decades

Just as with used cars and used homes, though, opportunists sometimes await demand at colleges, universities and trade schools. Kaplan, University of Phoenix, DeVry University and others have become fixtures.

WFAA in Dallas shines a light on an outfit called ATI Career Training Center, a trade school chain with locations in four Sunbelt states that offers programs that include heating and air conditioning, massage therapy, business administration and health services.

The story is compelling not as much for what it finds out but for what ATI refuses to divulge.

From the story:

“ATI claims that thousands of its graduates get jobs every year, based on numbers the [Texas Workforce Commission] sparingly releases. News 8 asked ATI what percentage of its graduates get jobs. The school did not respond to that question, except to say that it 'exceeds the standards set by both accrediting and state regulatory bodies.'"

ATI did not answer a number of very pointed written questions from WFAA. ATI didn’t deny recruiting students at homeless shelters, nor did it deny that it had paid homeless people to impersonate students.  And it declined to give its placement rate in North Texas – different from its graduation rate which it must give by law.

The story also speaks to the oversight efforts of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), which we wrote about in July after the Houston Chronicle reported it was counseling employers how to prevent unemployment claims. 

This also from the WFAA story:

“Career colleges receive billions of dollars from the federal government based on their job placement rates.

If an ATI graduate, for instance, gets a job as an auto mechanic, ATI files a record with his name and where he's working. The record goes to the TWC.

Despite the millions of dollars involved, the TWC only verifies a tiny fraction of the records. ... When News 8 asked the TWC for the job placement records of two large for-profit schools under the TPIA, the TWC refused to release the files, saying the graduates' names are protected under federal law.

TWC spokeswoman Ann Hatchitt says her agency's job 'is to protect students and businesses in Texas.'”

Following an investigation by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, TWC sent out a letter to the state’s trade schools in September informing them of numerous violations of the state code policing the colleges. Among the infractions: Failure to disclose graduation rate, coaching perspective students to lie in order to obtain a student loan and promising that a degree would increase a student’s salary.


While the GAO report did not mention the specific accused schools,  "ATI came forward to let us know that one of the campuses was theirs, but debated the findings," Hatchitt told Texas Watchdog.


New rules regarding the regulation of these trade schools and for-profit colleges have been discussed by lawmakers in Washington. Other trade schools and for-profit colleges have been the subject of complaints over the years including Kaplan.


ATI and other trade schools and for-profits have a presence in Austin in Career Colleges and Schools of Texas PAC, which has donated $12,000 to Gov. Rick Perry since 2000, as well as a number of mostly-Republican lawmakers. ATI is also represented in Austin by Frank Hammack, who spent 7-plus years as a program specialist at the TWC before becoming ATI's associate vice president of state compliance.


ATI vice president Ernest Hurguyand and CEO Arthur Benjamin have given money to the PAC. Benjamin outlines the benefits of ATI here.


For five years, ATI was a highly touted investment of Riverside Company, an international mergers and acquisitions firm. ATI was let go by Riverside early this year.


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Monday, 11/15/2010 - 10:32PM

ATI is a CESSPOOL. Stop kidding yourself folks. These guys are criminals, bottom feeders, title 4 funds theives. I would be wiling to bet that if you dung deep enough, you will find a very close relationship (conflict of interest) between TWC and ATI. Maybe just maybe ;-) (thank me later channel 8 news, this one's on the house) AN ATI EMPLOYEE IS MARRIED TO AN EMPLOYEE of TWC and those individuals "may" have aided and abetted the commission of this scheme. HERE'S A POINTED QUESTION, THAT A REPORTER SHOULD ASK:" HOW OFTEN DID TWC GIVE ATI NOTICE THAT THEY ABOUT TO CONDUCT A "SURPRISE AUDIT"? WHAT ATI EMPLOYEE IS MARRIED TO A TWC EMPLOYEE? TWC OFFICIALS ASSISTING IN EDUCATIONAL FRAUD? DOWNRIGHT SHAMEFUL AND UN-AMERICAN AND ERON-ESQUE. The level of deception is staggering. The only question left to ask is " How did Arthur and his gang of incompetent misfits get away with stealing millions of dollars of TAXPAYER funds for so darn long? These guys need a federal prison cell right next to BERNIE MADOFF! From Authur "All About the Title IV" Benjamin, to Gary "@ss-kisser Dagampat, down to (really far down the mental evolutionary staircase) Jeff " halariously incompetent" Meyer, Not to mention Gary Dagampat's younger, dumber brother Dave (the moron). Cant wait to the criminal prosecution begins!!!!

Monday, 11/15/2010 - 11:29PM

Frank Hammack-ATI's associate vice president of state compliance Wife is employeed by TWC. His wife gives ATI the heads up about possibly investigation. Add it up

Tuesday, 11/16/2010 - 12:43PM

Get off your butts congress. This is our (tax-payers) money! Why is this being ignored? Write your senators, congressman, sue these folks in their personal capacity. These schools do provide a meaningful education alternative, just not in its current state. Until we hold these crooks accountable and change the "culture of the voltures" this type of white collar embezzelment will continue.

Tuesday, 11/16/2010 - 12:51PM

@Proud Texan: I'm totally behind you. I used to teach at the maple campus so I speak from inside experience. The management of these schools should be investigated with a fine tooth comb. Work there for one day and you will smell the stinch of corruption. Its deep embedded in the culture. There are some really great teachers, but admissions (sales team) is as shady as they come. Career Services is a pure joke. I'm of the opinion that the heads of career services are unprofessional and taking shortcuts or falsifying records is the status quo.

Previously Employed
Wednesday, 11/17/2010 - 03:34PM

I used to work for ATI in their financial aid department. Proud Texan believe me when I tell this school does whatever it takes to get money from the students. I will bet big money that the school I worked for paid the auditors from the dept of ed money because I don't know how they passed. I don't understand how come the school is still able to receive title iv funds. in addition to it all, the directors treat the employees like crap. People need to stay away from this school.

Cheering for Channel 8 Action News
Thursday, 11/18/2010 - 01:20PM

ATI and its corp. management are nothing but crooks. They are the worst of the worst. There truly are some good for profit schools out there that truly are in the business of education. But ATI is not even close to being in that company. They should be shut down and forced to pay the students, employees and the government back all the money that they have illegally obtained and the Carlie Strengths, Gary Dagamppats as well as their cronies should face criminal charges. As a former employee, at the maple campus I lost my job because I questioned some suspicious activities and refused to commit the falsification of documents that they requested I do. I guess I wasn't a team player. I personally witnessed the termination of a department head because they reported one of the executive directors for sexually harassing an employee. The ED was removed from the maple campus due to sexual harassment complaints but kept his position and was placed at the school 50 location, where he sexually assaulted a female employee and was arrested. ATI covered it up, removed him once again and placed him at one of their smaller schools where he later lost his job for an unknown reason? The State Attorney General should get involved as well as the Federal government and do a thorough investigation into Carlie Strength, Arthur Benjamin, Gary Dagampatt, the Head of HR and the entire ATI upper management team. They are criminals plain and simple. Channel 8 news deserves an award for exposing ATI for what it really is. The news is dead on!!!!!!!

Sunday, 11/21/2010 - 11:31AM

STANDING OVATION FOR Channel 8 News! You are DEAD on! It starts at the top - they are corrupt and if you really want to know the rest of the violations, come and ask questions in the schools in Florida. This deserves some time on national TV - Dateline, 48 Hours... Great idea!

I mean come you won't speak to the media? Stop creating websites to tell the story you've made up. It is time to tell it all! Visit the schools and speak to the employees. Some even have recordings of management yelling when goals are not met, others have pictures of them slamming the desks, PROUD TEXAN - it is all in the family at ATI - guess who prints the diplomas? None other than a company owned by the husband of one of ATIs VPs!

Here in Florida it is a ROYAL FRAUD..from the enrollments, to the placement rates, to the attendance, to the graduation rates...ummmmm I want my tax dollars back!

Monday, 12/06/2010 - 09:15PM

I have been attending ATI since August of this year. I absolutely hate it. Many people who have graduated work dead-end jobs. When I ask why, they say no one accepts ATI graduates. Not only that, they "play" with money. They say my loan hasn't gone through and I have to pay for these past few months, but I get letters and make my payments to my loan company. Now, ATI wants me to take out yet another loan to cover these last few months. It's absolutely ridiculous. And on top of that, every month we get new students. People come into the class and have no idea what to do. And while I'm ahead, I have to re-hear all the stuff I learned awhile back! I regret ATI!

CW Texas
Friday, 12/10/2010 - 12:49PM

ATI is as corrupt as it gets. It starts from the top with Carli Strength and all of his relatives he employs to Gary and many others. The schools gets away with higher than average placement rates because a graduate only has to be employed one day to be consider placed. The instructors are a joke and can't speak correctly or spell half of the words they are trying to teach. Every student graduates as long as they come to class! Instructors sleeping with students and uppper management sleeping with employees, it doesn't get much worse than ATI.

waco student
Saturday, 12/11/2010 - 07:09PM

i've been attending ati in waco texas since sept. i do see some of the things your talking about as far as students passing just as long as they show up. i hope it all works out for me im alittle on the worried side now after here these comments. i pray to God and leave it in his hands.

Current Stuent
Saturday, 03/12/2011 - 04:15PM

Ati in Dallas located on Abrams is a very fraudulent school. They have altered grades of certain students that they want so that they can pass as well as discriminating against color. They recently passed some students who didn't even qualify to pass. They have their picks on who they want to pass even though their grades are not up to standards. The ADN recent class of 30 flunked the final test this pass January. I mean the whole class of 30 did not pass the final at all and they still passed who they wanted to pass and then altered their grades in their files in case anyone tried to investigate them they would be covered. They have their picks who they like and who they don't like. Several teachers has recently left because they knew that they were doing fraudulent things to the students and didn't want to be involve so they left and went to other schools to teach. Someone needs to put a stop to them because evidently they have been doing this for a long time and have not gotten caught. They often changed the syllabus only when it benefits them but not the students. Also the rules doesn't always apply to all the students but only to the students they want them to apply to. For example, in the rule handbook it says that you can only miss no more than 10% of class or you fail the program, but yet a lot of students has passed even though they have missed more than 10% of class time and still they passed them because they wanted that particular student to pass. Also you can't miss no more than a certain amount of clinical hours out of clinical and students right now that just passed have missed more than the required amount that they were supposed to and still passed them. The DON and ADON at that school in Dallas will go in that student file or record and fraudulent put dates in saying that those particular students was in clinical that day, but they even though they weren't there, so that they are covered if it ever comes back on them. If TWC would investigate them by also asking all the students that were in the class with the other students how often did this student came to class or clinicals, they would find a lot about the school, but TWC only asks the staff, DON, ADON, ETC about these accusations and of course they are going to cover their buts because they know that they would get shut down for fraud. The school needs to be investigated and all the students need to be involved and a lot of other information would come out. I am speaking about the ATI in Dallas on Abrams that use to be located on Maple st .

Saturday, 03/12/2011 - 04:19PM

ATI formerly DNI sucks!

Edward Gonzalez
Sunday, 04/03/2011 - 05:30AM

I would just lik to say that everyone on this subject is right. I was a former student of ATI in Garland on Shiloh & Kingsley taking the Auto mechanics course. Lets just say when i started there that school had been opened for about a year and a half the cars they had there for the students to learn from were cars that been worked on since they opened so people like me for instance entering a year and half later didnt really have much to work on it would be missing parts, bolts , broken , etc. we wouldnt get our hands on a variety of cars it would be that one perticular vehicle they never had different cars to work on. Even though they recived 18,000+ on each student on top of that their instructors were seriously undertrained they had 2 maybe 3 instructors that were very intellegent but they were very overworked and overwhelmed most of the other good instructors quit due to stress. They were very unorganized they never had the proper tools required for the job some of the instructors would bring there own tools from home. I ended up dropping out due to their lack of commitment to have the best environment and tools to learn what i was paying a lot of money to learn. In the end i learned they were there just to get paid the didnt care about anything else i would not recommend that lame excuse for a school to anyone.

Monday, 04/04/2011 - 01:04PM

I am the wife of an ATI Dallas instructor, and you can NOT group all employees together because of the actions of a few. My husband teaches his heart out and has heard nothing but positive from students coming out of his classes. He even brings his work home daily and talks to students all of the time on his personal time with his personal cell phone (which we pay the bill for). He also texts students and consistently receives texts and calls from former students who thank him repeatedly for teaching them what it takes to be in the career they are in. He hears success stories all of the time from students themselves, so why not find those. It is easy to rake up trash talk but why not find those who have had and are having a positive experience. The loud talkers are always the ones who get heard, and then generalities are made, which is NOT professional or fair. My husband is truly called to instruct/teach and does it with everything he has. If Channel 8 or anyone for that matter came into your house, they could dig up dirt on anyone. So before throwing stones, make sure your own house is clean. And at least give credit where credit is due. I am proud of who my husband is and what he stands for. He is truly making a difference in the lives of his students, but the students also have to want to learn and do the work, which is a completely different topic for another day.

Love Too Know You!!
Thursday, 04/07/2011 - 10:40PM

I would love to know who the Proud Texan is!! He is dead on point about the whole gang!! I'm floored that even he knows dumb ass jeffery myers he is such an idiot!! Oh yeah lets not forget even dumber david dag! He truly believe he is smarter than anyone walking the earth! When in fact he would not have a job if his big red brother didn't come and infiltrate ATI. ( They don't deserve the capitalization of their names)

Monday, 05/02/2011 - 06:17PM

I am the Assistant Office Manager of an Externship Site that helps students get hands on experience. Over the 4yrs that ATI students have came and went NOT ONE OF THEM learned JACK at school!!! They couldn't even do the basic requirements, after attending school for months they were put out in the field with NO KNOWLEDGE!!!! I have to teach them the basics that they should be learning before they make it to the office, plus show them how our office operates, I am absolutely annoyed with the students from ATI but more so with the instructors who sent them out into the field unprepared!!!! All of them say the same thing "they never showed us how" at first I thought that maybe they were shown and just didn't pay attention but after 30-40 students say the same thing it's easy to see where to place the blame!!!!

Friday, 05/27/2011 - 03:28AM

These people especially Carli Srength have not only mislead their students but also many of their employees. They have made promises of Salary Increase, BONUSES, and dedication to CORE FAMILY VALUES that DO NOT EXSIST IS IS A SHAM JUST ANOTHER LIE. TRUST ME-when I tell you that Carli Strenth and his "wife" Courtney Bennett (maiden name) live very comfortably and drive Expensive Luxury and Sports cars but the buck stops there !

The CORE FAMILY VALUES THAT THEY CLAIM TO ADHERE TO ARE A JOKE !!! The raises in your salary will be promised for months on end...... and the so-called BONUSES never happen!

Now, that they are in financial difficulty and have the STATE OF TEXAS after them- they are now finding FALSE ACCUSATIONS WITH THEIR ONCE VERY IMPORTANT EMPLOYEES AND FIRING THEM FOR UNJUST CAUSES !!~ THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS and will stop at nothing to destroy you and your family if it means saving them and their Ass!!~ This is including Carli Strenth and his Courtney and Greg Spurgeon who does all of the dirty dog work for them and is basically the company's HIT MAN. Beaware of these people . They will use you up and get evrything they need and want from you - - but will NEVER give you what they have guarenteed and made promises about. You will be devastated, broke and family in pieces by the time they get finished with you . Be afraid of these people for the harm, lies and problems they bring with them.

Saturday, 06/04/2011 - 01:19AM

Regarding the last post that I made... I actually placed the "wife" Courtney Bennett with the wrong husband. I stand corrected she is married to Greg Spurgeon . Other than that all of the accusations that were made are true and can be proved at any time. The STATE OF TEXAS along with THE NEWS STATION IN DALLAS, TEXAS all very familiar with the numerous problems surronding the ATI school and the numerous problems associated with the school and its officers especially those names in my previous post. Do not trust these people with bring in your mail - -let alone the offer to provide good a good education or a good job !!! RUN - - DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE !!! THE ONLY THING THEY WILL GIVE YOU IS LIES, ABUSE AND A WRECKED LIFE AFTER THEY BECOME INVOLVED !!!

Saturday, 07/09/2011 - 10:36PM

Berta is uninformed

The Watcher
Monday, 08/01/2011 - 06:12PM

To the Wife: if your husband didn't stand up and/or ask questions to fix the mess then he was a part of the problem. Most all of these private schools from phoenix to ATI are all doing the same thing. They just happened to be caught by a news agency that OK'd running g the story. The staff always knows about this stuff because employee always fight the company over it. People rarely stand up when the fight is going on because they like their jobs. Now they're all unemployed because the employees didn't stand up. This school is 1 of many that are doing versions of this. Stock help schhols vs. Student interest....who do you think they are really in business for. Just sayen. Investigate florida, your mouth will drop. Liquor store, gun store, "private" college. = new gangsters

Find a new job Adekola
Monday, 08/01/2011 - 08:29PM

I worked at ATI for a year and it was a horrible experience. ATI even hires incompetent staff and turn most of them into weak minded liars. I taught the dental assisting program and i remember students that would come to the program not fit to get jobs afterwards but the more i protested on the admissions practices the more i was told to only do my job. My colleagues in the dental program also was not educated enough to even teach the program and lied about her job experience as a dental assisting instructor. This school needs to be revamped and new experienced and professional people should be brought in. This school is a fraud and a menace to the people. Shut it down!!

Tuesday, 08/09/2011 - 12:27PM

ATI is operated as a mafia culture with Carlos "Carli" at the top and Gery "Gary" who operated as his underboss and all of their friends, neighbors, and relatives as associates. These are ruthless people who dispose of anyone who gets in their way. Deceptive recruitment practices - targeting the homeless, criminals, topless dancers and outright lying all to drive up enrollment numbers. Many of these students never graduated high school which makes trying to learn the terminology necessary (and apply it) for many of the programs next to impossible. The instructors pass everyone regardless of what they actually learn but the students can't get a job since most often they haven't learned the basics!The abuse in the recruiting process at ATI is not limited to a few rogue Admissions reps it's a pattern of behavior and unethical practices that comes from the top.

Wednesday, 08/10/2011 - 11:04PM

wow! im scare now with all this going on, i went yesterday upthere to begin school the 31st. its sux that i won't no more. the weird part is that when they gave me a tour i saw the medical assistant teacher in she was just sitting there like if she didn't care or nothing. now i wo'nt even think aobut going there no more.

Josh Winsor
Sunday, 08/14/2011 - 07:35PM

When I attended ATI at the maple location I was thearted to be arrested for being insurbordinate. All becuase I didn't like the fact that there was not enough instructors to teach the program and they fired one of the best instructors they had just for telling a student they could not have a drink while in the lab. Witch was one of the schools policies. However I did complete the EST program with a 4.0 GPA I never got the help I was promised to find a job. It has been almost four years and I never once received a fallow up phone call or letter asking if I had found a job in my field.

I feel that all the hardships I endured while attending this so called school was a waste of time and money. I think ATI should be responsible for paying back my student loans and some form of compensation for all the troubles my family and I have went threw becuase of ATI.

Sunday, 08/28/2011 - 07:53PM

Candor, how do you know so much about ATI

Wednesday, 09/14/2011 - 06:31PM

I am a recent graduate of ATI and I will have to say after a few months I learned the scandal very very quickly. I busted my @** with homework and hands on class work to obtain all the knowledge I could given the situation. I had a great instructor which helped tremendously. After doing my externship I received a letter of recommendation from the doctor I worked for. I would even train other externs from numerous other schools because they learned things a certain way which were 9 times out of 10 wrong. Which made me feel better personally, however I am trying my best not to let ATI's reputation reflect on me. I know in alot of cases it will, but I just hope one day I am given the chance to utilize my abilites with out being judged because of ATI. I am well aware of their scandals and schemes, after I enrolled they still had recruiters calling me until I finally changed my number. I know of students not turning in all of their check offs and teachers just signing off as if they did. I am so ashamed when I have to tell a possible boss that I am from ATI because I know I am being judged for it :(

Still Inside
Monday, 09/26/2011 - 05:29PM

I am currently still an employee for ATI but I have to say that a lot of what is being said is completely true. I would like to say that there are a lot of instructors that have done, and still do everything that they can to teach students and make sure that they are successful. There are people that are in different departments that do all they can for the students but are bound by the different rules of the company. I am not saying that it is right, but they are there. A great deal of the problems are with upper management and the fact that they just get rid of anyone who questions their authority. I am not going to be with the company for much longer, I am disgusted by the practices that I see on a day to day basis. These people are ruthless and putting people out of house and home daily for their own selfish reasons. If you have questions I have answers.....

Disgusted Parent
Saturday, 12/31/2011 - 02:19AM

We knew someone who attended ATI's automotive program in Texas and then he moved to FL and attended the Oakland campus in Ft. Lauderdale. He said the Texas campus was bad, but the Oakland campus was worse. This was confirmed by my step son who attends this campus and I was shocked to know the kind of CRAP that goes on at this school. These guys are criminals! They are taking money from the Federal Government and not doing anything for these students. It a disservice to these paying students to have instructors that are not knowledgeable and that dont care and have a management team that is only looking out for their next paycheck and seeing whats going on and turning a blind eye. The equipment is old, the instructors are incompetent, only but a few of the knowledgeable instructors actually care and they are treated like crap by the other instructors and management, the department leaders are all related to in one way or another or close friends, (they are all from the caribbean and have a tight grip on the control of that campus), the staff continually lies to these students about the job placement and they used to tell the students that when they graduate their "Occupational Associates degree" is worth some college credits, and they only do their student appreciation days to keep the students from not leaving on days where they have a long weekend or break and to make sure that the students know that the "staff" cares. Yeah cares about getting them back after the break!!! Unbelievable!!! On Fridays the campus is only open to "tutoring", its really a free for all for the "selected" instructors to charge students for repairs on their cars. My son witnessed a student complaining that he paid this "rasta man instructor" to fix and align his car and it still was not fixed right or aligned properly. I witnessed my sons car misdiagnosed by 4 of their "top instructors" and it took another instructor not even 5 minutes to correctly diagnose the problem and told us what to replace to fix it right. He was right. My son told me they got rid of him and the other intructor that taught the advance performance class a few months back and noone can give him and answer why they are no longer there. I can answer that, THEY CARED ABOUT THE STUDENTS AND KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!!! They have too many idiots that dont care about the students and clueless, teaching them absolutely nothing that they will actually use out there. I heard that instructor has his own shop, thats why he knew what he was doing. All those auto instructors have to either retire or be fired. Oh Wait that wont happen, they all cover for each others incompetence. How can you teach current electronic technology when you have been out of the loop for years. Points and distributors are no longer found on newer cars guys!!! Oh wait that wont happen they all cover for each others incompetence. My son will finish out the program, but dont think we will not jump on this class action law suit that is going around against ATI. I really cant believe this place is still aloud to operate. PLEASE SHAREHOLDERS OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE YOUR OWN MANAGEMENT IS SCREWING YOU OVER!!! YOU NEED TO GET RID OF ALL THOSE IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS AND INSTRUCTORS AT THIS CAMPUS AND START ALL OVER. IF YOU ARE NOT THE SOLUTION YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!! Dont let these young people and adults get bent over by these liars, morons and thieves you have at this campus!!!

Upset former student from ATI Stemmons
Thursday, 01/26/2012 - 09:18AM

I completed school and walked across the stage in hopes to have a career in the Dental field but after going to several interview i received the same outcoming you need more experience or we are looking for billingual personal. So with that being said I went back to school to at least learn a little spanish so that i could at least get in the door of a job. I knew everything that i was taught there but wasn't enough I have a job but it's not in my field. Now i'm currently stuck paying back $16,700 of student loans and with all the money i have to pay back and my family i really can't my student loans bills etc. So i'm having a rough time. Don't get me wrong alot of the teachers were great but the school it's self is bull. I wouldn't suggest anyone to attend that school better yet no ATI schools.

Wasted Time
Tuesday, 02/28/2012 - 02:18AM

Graduated from Medical Assisting program...don't know why it took me so long to just see why I was always put into a dead end job making not near the income I was I know possibly the school I came from !? Wooow ! how much I regret it and most of all that I have to continue to pay on my loan really sucks that you get stuck with a loan like that getting a hourly wage of 9.00 to start off with..Such liars..They should pay my damn loan !!!

Thursday, 03/15/2012 - 02:36PM

My ex husband and I also went to school here ( I took Business Administration, my ex took auto cad). I got placed in an aweful job and went back to get them to place me somewhere else (because they said come back anytime to be placed somewhere else) and they told me they couldn't help me because their grads came first. UGH!! Really! They also told me they were an accredited school and most of my credits could be used at other colleges. A few years later, went back to school and they laughed at me when I told them that I was told ATI told me this. Of course, this was quite a few years back, but it doesn't look like they got any better!! We are also still paying on our loans. I wish someone would do something about this school and take them down!!! I will be the first to sign up if they do some kind of class action lawsuit against them. :-)

Robert Sims
Monday, 06/25/2012 - 07:12AM

Ati has closed the ast automotive program and I wasnt able to complete the course but still owe all the 16,000 in student loans. No help is being offered by ATI in what I can do.

ATI graduate
Saturday, 09/29/2012 - 05:47PM

What no one on here can understand is the TWC did investigate each school. If you noticed they shut down campus 75 which was Richardson and campus 30 in north Richland hills was renovated and have credentials to back it up. Campus 50 garland off Shiloh was the school I attended. The teachers were all still apart of the trade for each class from med assist, dental, HVAC, and automotive ect. I hated the people because they were all ghetto and felons with trash mouths and complained about their grades, but no one passed if you didn't show up. People were kicked out for fighting, cheating, and not completing the amount of hrs. I will say they have not jerked a knot in the business offices tail since they still steal money and make you take out to large of loans to only take more than half thyroid refund money to pay themselves a salary. The education is good the business office is crooked. I loved my teachers, I went to college and got my degree and then decided to try a trade school. I also graduated high school so I'm not a low life. People think everyone that goes or grads there are low lives. Not all of us, I am working as a med assistant and have my certification and love my job. It only took me one month after my extern to find a job when it took the felons in my class 5 months. Most of the student or former student complainers don't realize is that ATI is a school designed for felons to have a chance to clean their record and get a worth it job. Some cut it some don't like those in colleges. If you can tolerate the ghetto and look at each school then you can find a great ATI with wonderful teachers like I did at campus 30 in north Richland hills and at campus 50 off Shiloh and Kingsley. You see a lot on tv and media which they can edit the story and not tell the whole truth unless you've gone through it like I did from nov 2011 to July 2012. Now working in Dallas at an internal medicine physicians office with jeryatric patients. Love every minute and ATI helped me find that job.

Tuesday, 12/11/2012 - 12:22PM

As I said before, this is a job that can’t be done by someone in India. The sad part is Mom and Pop spent over $100,000

dollars sending Jr. to school for a degree in art history or philosophy. When they could of sent him or her to a good

trade school.hvac trade schools

Tuesday, 12/11/2012 - 12:23PM

As I said before, this is a job that can’t be done by someone in India. The sad part is Mom and Pop spent over $100,000

dollars sending Jr. to school for a degree in art history or philosophy. When they could of sent him or her to a good

trade school.hvac trade schools

Karen Townsend | 7 years 5 months
"Patrick F. Kennedy is a career foreign service officer" -
Peter Corbett ✈ | 7 years 5 months
I'm at McCarran International Airport (LAS) w/ @almacy
KERA Public Media | 7 years 5 months
TONIGHT at 7pm on KERA TV: Presidential Debate: Learn more at PBS NewsHour.
PBS MediaShift | 7 years 5 months
Tech Snafus Make Bill O'Reilly/Jon Stewart 'Rumble' More of a Stumble (@kegill | @pbsmediashift) #rumble2012
Will Sullivan | 7 years 5 months
Great addition, been burned too much by bad subs. "Google Play Announces Free Trials For In-App Subscription Services"
TxDOT | 7 years 5 months
I-35W/North Tarrant Express #constantcontact
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