Is Houston Metro's 'Airport Direct' shuttle about to be put on blocks?


The Texas Watchdog team has ridden Airport Direct many times now. This Metro bus service that takes passengers from downtown to George Bush Intercontinental Airport has faced some logical skepticism from adroit local media types, but we are now fully on board, so to speak.

The ride is a smooth 45 minutes, few stops, the staff is friendly and it does indeed beat bus route 102's hour-long ramble through the middle of Houston en route the airport.

And just as we began to get it comes word that Airport Direct may be in its final days. A staffer at the Airport Direct outpost at the airport told us last night that the Jan. 23 drop in one-way fare, from $15 to $4.50, has increased monthly revenue slightly, but it will have to do more or the plug will be pulled in June.  Metro CEO George Greanias hinted as much last fall

The price drop was combined with some increased stops at downtown hotels, hopefully appealing to business travelers who want to beat the $50 cab fare. Didn't corporations say they wanted to cut travel expenses?

"We're looking at the numbers coming in and if we get good results from the drop in price and the new stops, it will help," said Metro spokeswoman Margaret O'Brien Molina. "If not, in good faith, the route will have to be looked at."

It makes sense; last night there were two riders on the mammoth bus, and on previous rides the most company we had was three others.


And the bus is kept at meat-locker temperatures, surely cutting fuel mileage and keep carbon emissions prolific.

It’s a terrific quality of life project for Houstonians, and travelers appreciate it as well. But it all comes back to what a state lawmaker told this reporter in the late 90s, talking about the defunct Texas Triangle, a light rail between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio that was quickly scrapped: 'How are you going to get Texans out of their cars?"



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Photo of 'Bus in HOV Lane' by flickr user Houston TranStar, used via a Creative Commons license.