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Today's Texas Watchdog featured video: Should the Texas legislature try to rein in homeowners associations?
Tuesday, Feb 01, 2011, 12:19PM CST
By Jennifer Peebles

Should the Texas legislature try to rein in homeowners associations?

That's the topic of today's featured video on the Texas Watchdog homepage.

This piece comes to us from KXAN-TV in Austin, which says 1 of 4 new homes built in Texas these days is part of an HOA.

It quotes a Pflugerville resident who feels like she's been retaliated against by her homeowners association after she asked questions about a potential conflict of interest involving the association and the firm that manages the subdivision's pool. 

Jim Harrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project told KXAN's Doug Shupe that people are being stripped of their constitutional rights by homeowners associations. 

If you've got an HOA horror story, tell Shupe about it via KXAN's Web site

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Irene "Beanie" Adolph
Tuesday, 02/01/2011 - 01:11PM

HOAs are the biggest scam perpetrated on the American homeowner, forcing buyers who only wanted to buy a home, to have that home collateral for any amenities and future debts incurred by the board. And HOAs do NOT protect property values. When the home is subject to increasing assessments the homeowner can't afford, foreclosure can result.

Some complaints of homeowners in associations:

1. HOAs are undemocratic - no fair elections, no checks and balances.

2. HOAs are unsupervised by any government - city, parish, state or federal.

3. HOAs are empowered by pro-HOA and anti-homeowner statutes.

4. HOAs strip homeowners of their constitutional protections, rights, and liberties.

5. HOAs impose unreasonable restrictions and obligations.

6. HOAs are allowed to fine, assess, lien, and foreclose on owner's homes.

7. HOAs force homeowners to support and maintain common property, which they do not own, and for which they have no use or interest.

8. HOAs are unfair and routinely exercise selective enforcement.

9. HOAs are private corporations and operate for the corporation - not for the homeowner.

Tuesday, 02/01/2011 - 01:18PM

The foreclosure threat is mainly used as a way to extort money out of the homeowner. Pay up or lose your home. Of course the CAI does not want to lose this easy money!

Tuesday, 02/01/2011 - 01:39PM

We welcome you to our Coalition for HOA Reform

State laws have been written by the HOA industry for the HOA industry. Please learn of our efforts to reclaim homeowner rights. Join us at our rally in Austin Tuesday, February 15, 2011.

Texas Homeowners for HOA Reform, Inc.

Robin Lent
Tuesday, 02/01/2011 - 01:41PM

We welcome you to our Coalition for HOA Reform

State laws have been written by the HOA industry for the HOA industry. Please learn of our efforts to reclaim homeowner rights. Join us at our rally in Austin Tuesday, February 15, 2011.

Texas Homeowners for HOA Reform, Inc.

Tuesday, 02/01/2011 - 03:25PM

Every attempt at reform HOA legislation is an attempt to restore rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities taken away by a constructive notice CC&Rs contract and pro-HOA state laws. Furthermore, legitimate questions can be asked about a genuine consent to surrender or waive constitutional protections in the absence of the full knowledge of all aspects of HOA governance -- private contracts not subject to constitutional protections.

Patriot Missive
Tuesday, 02/01/2011 - 07:17PM

HOAs are "structurally" corrupt. The HOA industry pays our legislators hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year, to not understand the depth of the injustice of the HOA highjacking of basic justice and homeownership.

Harvella Jones
Friday, 02/04/2011 - 10:07PM

If you are unable to attend the rally held by the Coaliton for HOA Reform, please join us in Houston on March 19, 2011 (Saturday) from 1-4 p.m. at the Norris Conference Center, 9990 Richmond Ave., Ste. 102, (Intersection of Richmond/Briarpark) Houston, TX 77042 (plenty of free parking and handicap parking in the rear) and we will be back in Austin for our 2nd visit to the Capitol (our first was on January 11th....brrrr it was cold that day). This time we will be in Austin on the southern side at the steps on April 5th (a symbolic day for all our abused homeowners that have suffered a foreclosure) as this is the first Tuesday of the month when across the state homestead foreclosures occur. We are asking people across the state to protest homestead foreclosures at each courthouse on that day--April 5th. Come hear our speakers on these dates--March 19th in Houston and April 5th in Austin, who will include legislators or their representatives, a real estate owner, an advocate attorney, and much, much more. Also, we ask that you support Rep. Harold Dutton's HB 912, as it deals directly with stopping ALL HOA forecloseable liens being placed on our property. Also, please call Rep. Ken Paxton's office and talk to Mr. Ben Williams (512-463-0356) and ask him to go forth with his bill that will give all of us currently in an HOA relief. Tell him it is the bill he told Harvella Jones and Sandy Terry about when we were in his office about two weeks' ago. If you are Rep. Paxton's constituent, please make that one of your calls to your legislators. Also please call not only your legislator and ask him or her to support HB 912 but call as many legislators as you have the time to support HB 912. Rep. Dutton is working on another good bill that we should support and we will give you more information on that at our rallies on March 19th and April 5th. This is our year to stop ALL HOA FORECLOSURES and support the bills that will ensure this happens. The Texas and National Homeowners Advocate Groups and the Texas Eagle Forum look forward to working with you and teaching you how to protect your homes and how to help pass the bills that are the most beneficial to us. Keep an eye on our website for up-to-date information, visit our Facebook page and leave your comments and concerns. Whatever you complain about, we can take that to the legislators to ensure their bills address your needs. You can also contact the nearest satellite office to you if you need assistance with an HOA issue. The Satellite link is on our website. We just opened up a Houston Satellite Office operated by two HOA victims who can answer developer questions and foreclosure questions and our San Antonio location is now manned by Kent Hern who is doing an awesome job against one of Texas's biggest prolific foreclosure filing CAI attorney, Tom Newton. Our website: for additional help email or call me at 281-690-8793. Homeowners United!!

Tom Jones
Wednesday, 02/16/2011 - 04:31PM

For the few disgruntled homeowners that complain about HOA's there are 100's that appreciate the services and amenities that HOA's provide for their communities. This small minority of dissatisfied homeowners are typically misinformed and don't want to volunteer their time to be involved in the governance of their community or they are delinquent on their dues and expect everyone else to pull the load for them. HOA boards are ordinary homeowners interested in the preservation of their home values. Membership into any HOA community is voluntary (if you don't want to play by the rules, don't buy in a restricted subdivision- move to the country!). HOA boards are not perfect because they are comprised of homeowners unlike the ones that "complain the most but do the least" for their communities.

Friday, 02/18/2011 - 03:16PM

The SPHOA and its management company, Lone Star Management, in The Colony, cannot effectively enforce its own covenants. Once 'a neighbor from hell' moves into an area of the community, these two groups cannot effectively enforce the HOA Covenants. THERE HAVE BEEN THREE FORMAL ATTEMPTS TO RESOLVE THE PROPERTY JUNK YARD LOOK, but the nine month situation continues. While other residents along the street attempt to sell their properties, this property degrades the entire block!

judith l. corey
Wednesday, 04/06/2011 - 08:09AM

TOM JONES _ You are so full of crap. The vast majority of homeowner respondents to an impartial survey, 69%, said their HOA was a 'Major headache" or at least a 'Minor annoyance"...and 24% said they'd had an all-out WAR with their HOA's. They tend to be run by entrenched creeps with sticky fingers - and its getting worse. Putrid, vile places to live. And there is ESSENTIALLY NO DISCLOSURE, other than the realtor assuring you 'its fine, that's just to keep cars off of blocks' (that old tired lame-ass lie). They are nasty, intrusive, HOA-holes. And the LEVEL of their intrusiveness should be FULLY disclosed to each and every potential victim!

Saturday, 09/24/2011 - 10:33PM

We live in a retirement community and we have one egotistical so an so who has managed to convince a majority of the people who live here that since a new developer sold us our property, we should have no say in anything and neither should the developer who has invested his life savings to bring this place back to life. It is a new battle everyday. One that I do not want but have to fight to protect our investment so that he can't decide that he wants us all to drive a Mini Cooper and hollar praise "-----" (his name)and wear our underwear on our head. There are really 3 of them and they have control of the board and I see no getting them out of control. They are under investigation from the Fair Housing Department but they say our laws over rule anyone elses. It is a wonderful life!!!!

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