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Texas students rejected as out-of-state enrollment grows at state schools
Monday, Apr 04, 2011, 02:34PM CST
By Steve Miller
UT tower

Getting Junior into a Texas college is getting a bit more difficult, as schools have increased out-of-state enrollment -- so much so that nearly 1 in 4 students enrolled at UT Austin this fall is from another state or country, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported over the weekend.
The story’s findings raise the question of whether the schools are more interested in dollars than scholars, though none of the officials said their motivation was higher out-of-state tuition fees. They said they’re trying to boost their schools’ reputation on the national stage as well as enable “cultural diversity.” But as the Star-Telegram details, the admissions policies have brought rejection letters to Texas students with resumes that include research experience, top-notch grades, and leadership and sports activities.
The news comes as state lawmakers are fussing around and cutting the student aid formula of Texas Grants, the state’s largest student loan program. The good news: Don’t worry about the loan – a kid from California has your classroom seat, anyway.
Sort of takes the wind from the sails of the College For All Texans Foundation, which notes that “Last year, more than 79% of students received some type of financial assistance totaling more than $492 million.” More loans are a good thing for the government, of course, which can garnish the wages of those in default.
The foundation, an arm of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, estimates that an out-of-state Texas A&M student from a home with an income of $75,000 would pay around $35,914 a year before any grants, assuming the student lived on campus. A student from Texas? $20,614. (Interestingly, A&M has bucked the trend, with out-of-state admissions holding steady for the last several years.)
The 282-employee higher education coordinating board includes 21 employees who make more than $100,000 a year and is headed by Raymund Paredes, who adds to his $180,000 annual salary with another $40,000 in fundraising fees from the College for All Texans Foundation, according to this story and confirmed by this tax return. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board donated $190,000 to the foundation in 2009.
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Photo of UT tower by flickr user wblj, used via a Creative Commons license.
Bill Duff
Friday, 04/08/2011 - 08:44AM

The following statement from UT, matches my understanding of the UT Austin Top 8% law.

"Our mission largely is to serve the constituents and the students of the state of Texas," said Kedra Ishop, director of admissions at UT. She pointed out that state law requires that a minimum of 90 percent of UT's freshman class be Texan.

Bill Duff
Friday, 04/08/2011 - 08:57AM

The (unamended) Texas Top 10% Rule, governs TAMU, the 7 Top Tier bound universities and the other Texas 4 year schools such as Texas State.

Top 10% graduates of Texas High Schools can DEMAND precisely 100% of the Freshman Spots at those universities. Texas kids that do not make the Top 10% have no such guarantees.

Bill Duff
Friday, 04/08/2011 - 09:06AM

If the statements in the Fort Worth Star Telegram are accurate, and Texas high school graduates in the Top 10% students are denied admission, while out of state and international students are matriculated...

This would represent, in my humble opinion, a clear violation of Texas Law.

UT Austin is uniquely capped at 10% for any combination of (out of state & international) students, EXCEPT that ILLEGAL ALIENS, presumed (perhaps inaccurately) to have attended and graduated from Texas high schools are counted by UT Austin as Texans (in violation of federal law). By the way, UT Austin traditionally has had less than 9% combined out-of-state & international students as incoming freshmen. This figure includes star athletes, who may be dumb as a brick in some instances...

Friday, 04/08/2011 - 09:28AM

Texas Tech offers a 5-year, full-ride scholarship to National Merit Scholars. Room, Board, Books, Tuition and Fees are provided, roughly equivalent to a 'Red-Shirted' football star.

If memory serves, some NMS kids are international, odd as that may sound. I think a Canadian acquaintance ACED the pre-SAT and SAT, and received the scholarship.

UT Austin cancelled the National Merit Scholarship program following the Stock Market Crash of 2007. UTIMCO lost lots of scholoarship and PUF money in failed derivatives speculative ventures.

Bill Duff
Friday, 04/08/2011 - 06:20PM

UT Austin admission policies and results are (by law) available to the public. These statistics cover virtually any aspect of the matriculating freshman class, including: High school class rank, SAT/ACT score, major, GPA, hometown, race, ethnicity, state residency status and international status. The only glaring statistical omission is citizenship versus illegal alien status.

The University of Texas historically admitted students based upon high school class rank, high school academic ratings and SAT/ACT scores. Some special admissions such as ‘young-gifted’, ‘big-giver’ and ‘star-athlete’ played a part. Federal court decrees prevent discrimination AND reverse discrimination. State statute forbids ‘legacy’ admits. The Top 10% Rule, based on high school class standing has withstood litigation challenges and repeated legislative review.

‘DIVERSITY’ is defined by Texas statute to consist of geographic, race & ethnic categories. Thus, in a tie, a lone applicant from Muleshoe, Texas is favored over Houston applicant number 9,417. Lifestyle choices, sexual-orientation, ‘well-rounded-kids’ and most other categories are excluded from consideration.

The Top 10% Rule and the increasingly stringent UT Austin Amended Top (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.1)% Rule, are crystal clear to high school kids and their parents. Obviously, the excluded applicants and their families can and do complain. The other kids laugh at them. Everybody knows the rules and makes their choices.

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