Six-figure state workers taking pension, too; Texas law keeps identities of double-dippers secret

roll of money

Gov. Rick Perry isn’t the only state employee taxpayers are carrying for $100,000 or more a year in salary and a retirement pension, but the state doesn’t want you to know who they are.

The Houston Chronicle found 189 including the governor, 7.6 percent percent of the 2,500 state employees who draw a retirement pension while working at some of the state’s most lucrative jobs.

Among all state agency employees, 6,201 or 4 percent of the agency workforce receive a state paycheck and pension. More than 1,500 prison system employees, 59 people employed by the district courts, 32 employees for the House and 25 for the Senate are paid twice by taxpayers, the records showed.

Federal election law required Perry to disclose his $7,698 monthly retirement benefit, which he began drawing last year, as well as his $150,000 annual salary.

But even as public pensions have become more controversial in Texas and across the country, an issue Texas Watchdog has diligently pursued, you can thank the Texas Legislature for protecting you from knowing to whom your double dips are being distributed.

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Photo of money by flickr user Images_of_Money, used via a Creative Commons license.