Do the kids really need management-district branded jump ropes?


We’re guessing the folks at the Brays Oaks Management District were not thinking of convict/boxing champ Floyd Mayweather when they decided that shelling out $944.94 for branded jump ropes was a good idea. He is a helluva jump roper though.

Last June, the taxpayer-funded operation plunked down the cash for the jump ropes. The district’s committee on marketing and business development felt the flashy district fitness swag – ideally with the words “Brays Oaks Management District” emblazoned - would endear the district to attendees of a couple of “youth outreach events targeted at encouraging youth to be more physically fit.”

All Jack LaLanne needed was a towel and a chair and he looked pretty good.

Anyway it would be great to get the return on investment numbers on those flashy ropes. And maybe this year, there’s a chance for some Slinky or Hula Hoop branding.

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Photo of jump rope by flickr user Kathy Cassidy, used via a Creative Commons license.