Driver’s license megacenter opens outside Austin. Will wait times for Texas drivers decrease?


At last it’s here, as eagerly awaited in Texas as the anniversary of the Battle of Sabine Pass, the first day of Wurstfest and the opening of chachalaca hunting season.

The first, all-new, gigantic driver’s license “megacenter” opens today in Pflugerville, the Houston Chronicle reports. As Texas Watchdog has teased, other driver’s license megacenters are currently under construction in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, Houston and San Antonio and all for only $63 million.

The DPS is, judging from the Chronicle story, eager to put an end to all those outrageous stories people tell after their ordeals at what now must be considered driver’s license “minicenters.” Like the man from Port Arthur who was able to build a full-scale replica of Sabine’s Fort Griffin out of old Pearl beer cans before his number was called.

We jest.

The Pflugerville station, the DPS insists, is built to move people along, with 36 bright-eyed state employees manning 22 customer service stations spaced out in a cavern of 24,000 square feet.

With any luck at all, the center should be able to handle at least 720 customers a day, Rebecca Davio, assistant DPS director, told the Chronicle.

The DPS isn’t banking on it. Each of the new megacenters will have a queuing system for customers to save a place in line ahead of time by computer or cell phone or at a self-service kiosk at the center.

The system generates texts telling you when it will be your turn next. Giving you plenty of time to get back from Wurstfest.

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Photo of Texas state Capitol in mirror by flickr user Remko Tanis, used via a Creative Commons license.