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2009 ethics forms
Monday, Aug 31, 2009, 09:32AM CST
By Jennifer Peebles



Where do Texas' lawmakers make their money? Who are they in business with? Texas Watchdog has the details

(Looking for a specific lawmaker's 2009 ethics form? Click here to skip down to a list of legislators: House / Senate)

Texas Watchdog presents its 2009 map of Texas' 181 lawmakers, including their state ethics forms and useful links that will allow the public to research each lawmaker's campaign contributions, the bills they pushed in the last legislative session and contact information so the average citizen can let their voice be heard.

The map is intended to be an update of our 2008 map. The legislators' 2008 ethics forms are integrated into this new map, but if you want to see how this map is an improvement over last year's,
we encourage you to look at the old map.

Texas legislators and many other state officials are required by law to fill out annual forms, formally titled "personal financial statements," to the state Ethics Commission detailing their sources of income. Required categories include for whom they work, what stocks and bonds they own, and their business interests.

State officials are supposed to file by April, but they are allowed to seek a one-time extension of the deadline until June.

Readers will note that a few lawmakers have more than one ethics form for 2009. That's because they turned in their form and later turned in a corrected version. We've tried to present all the versions of the 2009 forms here.

Map sources

Our map mashes up a lot of different information from many different sources. Here's where we got it:

+ The 2009 and 2008 ethics forms Texas Watchdog procured from the state ethics commission. The forms for 2006 and years prior were posted online by the nonprofit nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity, based in Washington, D.C. (The map lacks 2007 forms because CPI did not post the 2007 forms, and Texas Watchdog only came into existence last year.)

+ For campaign finance reports, people can click the link to search data directly from the Texas Ethics Commission's Web site or at, which has the added bonus of enabling searchers to see how donors gave to state-level politicians in all 50 states. The ethics commission is also the source of data on lawmakers' related PACs.

+ The links for sponsored and authored bills from the 81st Texas Legislature, as well as the links for district maps, come directly from the Texas Legislative Council's Web site.

+ The map includes links to lawmakers' entries on Ballotpedia, a wiki intended to be a repository of information about elected leaders in all 50 states.

+ Also included are information from the nonprofit, nonpartisan Project Vote Smart (, Wikipedia, Ballotpedia, Texas Watchdog, the Texas House and Senate's own Web sites, and Google News.

About the map markers

For the lion's share of lawmakers on our map, the map markers (the multi-colored balloons) point to the lawmaker's district office.

Some legislators listed only a post office box as the official address for their district office. In those cases, we tried to place the map marker in the center of the town in which the post office box was registered.

For legislators who have multiple district offices, we tried to place their markers in the cities most commonly associated with them, using Google searches to find references to identifying phrases such as "R-Flower Mound" or "D-Alpine." For a few legislators, this was a judgment call, and if you disagree with our choice, we welcome your feedback, either in an e-mail ( or a comment. We're open to the idea of moving the map marker if we've gotten something wrong.

Several Austin-area lawmakers don't maintain district offices because their districts are so near their offices in the Capitol complex. For them, we used a map showing the layout of legislative districts in Travis County and just tried to manually plant their markers within their districts as best we could. Again, this was a subjective process and is open to error and debate, and we're open to the idea of moving the map marker. Send feedback our way.

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Statewide officers (not on map)

Gov. Rick Perry
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst
Attorney General Greg Abbott
State Comptroller Susan Combs
Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson


Sen. Kip Averitt (District 22/R-Waco)
Sen. John Carona (District 16/R-Dallas)
Sen. Wendy Davis (District 10/D-Fort Worth)
Sen. Bob Deuell (District 2/R-Greenville)
Sen. Robert Duncan (District 28/R-Lubbock)
Sen. Rodney Ellis (District 13/D-Houston)
Sen. Kevin Eltife (District 1/R-Tyler)
Sen. Craig Estes (District 30/R-Wichita Falls)
Sen. Troy Fraser (District 24/R-Horseshoe Bay)
Sen. Mario Gallegos Jr. (District 6/D-Houston)
Sen. Chris Harris (District 9/R-Arlington)
Sen. Glenn Hegar (District 18/R-Katy)
Sen. Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (District 20/D-Mission)
Sen. Joan Huffman (District 17/R-Southside Place)
Sen. Mike Jackson (District 11/R-La Porte)
Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. (District 27/D-Brownsville)
Sen. Jane Nelson (District 12/R-Flower Mound)
Sen. Robert Nichols (District 3/R-Jacksonville)
Sen. Steve Ogden (District 5/R-Bryan)
Sen. Dan Patrick (District 7/R-Houston)
Sen. Kel Seliger (District 31/R-Amarillo)
Sen. Florence Shapiro (District 8/R-Plano)
Sen. Eliot Shapleigh (District 29/D-El Paso)
Sen. Carlos Uresti (District 19/D-San Antonio)
Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (District 26/D-San Antonio)
Sen. Kirk Watson (District 14/D-Austin)
Sen. Jeff Wentworth (District 25/R-San Antonio)
Sen. Royce West (District 23/D-Dallas) (NOTE: West has filed two amendments to his form this year: West's first 2009 corrective form / West's second 2009 corrective form)
Sen. John Whitmire (District 15/D-Houston)
Sen. Tommy Williams (District 4/R-The Woodlands)
Sen. Judith Zaffirini (District 21/D-Laredo)

House members

Rep. Alma Allen (District 131/D-Houston)
Rep. Roberto Alonzo (District 104/D-Dallas)
Rep. Carol Alvarado (District 145/D-Houston)
Rep. Rafael Anchia (District 103/D-Dallas)
Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson (District 56/R-Waco)
Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock (District 54/R-Killeen)
Rep. Leo Berman (District 6/R-Tyler)
Rep. Dwayne Bohac (District 138/R-Houston)
Rep. Valinda Bolton (District 47/D-Austin)
Rep. Dennis Bonnen (District 25/R-Arlington)
Rep. Dan Branch (District 108/R-Dallas)
Rep. Betty Brown (District 4/R-Athens)
Rep. Fred Brown (District 14/R-Bryan)
Rep. Lon Burnam (District 90/D-Fort Worth)
Rep. Angie Chen Button (District 112/R-Richardson) (NOTE: Button also filed a corrective form)
Rep. William "Bill" Callegari (District 132/R-Houston)
Rep. Joaquin Castro (District 125/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Norma Chávez (District 76/D-El Paso)
Rep. Warren Chisum (District 88/R-Pampa)
Rep. Wayne Christian (District 9/R-Center)
Rep. Ellen Cohen (District 134/D-Houston)
Rep. Garnet Coleman (District 147/D-Houston)
Rep. Byron Cook (District 8/R-Austin)
Rep. Frank Corte Jr. (District 122/R-San Antonio)
Rep. Joe Crabb (District 127/R-Kingwood)
Rep. Tom Craddick (District 82/R-Midland)
Rep. Brandon Creighton (District 16/R-Conroe)
Rep. Myra Crownover (District 64/R-Lake Dallas)
Rep. Drew Darby (District 72/R-San Angelo) (NOTE: Darby also filed a corrective form.)
Rep. Yvonne Davis (District 111/D-Dallas)
Rep. John Davis (District 129/R-Houston)
Rep. Joe Deshotel (District 22/D-Port Arthur)
Rep. Joe Driver (District 113/R-Garland)
Rep. Dawnna Dukes (District 46/D-Austin)
Rep. Jim Dunnam (District 57/D-Waco)
Rep. Harold Dutton Jr. (District 142/D-Houston)
Rep. Al Edwards (District 146/D-Houston)
Rep. Craig Eiland (District 23/D-Texas City)
Rep. Rob Eissler (District 15/R-The Woodlands)
Rep. Gary Elkins (District 135/R-Houston)
Rep. Kirk England (District 106/D-Grand Prairie)
Rep. David Farabee (District 69/D-Wichita Falls)
Rep. Joe Farias (District 118/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Jessica Farrar (District 148/D-Houston)
Rep. Allen Fletcher (District 130/R-Tomball)
Rep. Ismael "Kino" Flores (District 36/D-Mission)
Rep. Dan Flynn (District 2/R-Canton)
Rep. Stephen Frost (District 1/D-New Boston)
Rep. Pete Gallego (District 74/D-Alpine)
Rep. Dan Gattis (District 20/R-Georgetown)
Rep. Charlie Geren (District 99/R-River Oaks)
Rep. Helen Giddings (District 109/D-DeSoto)
Rep. Veronica Gonzales (District 41/D-McAllen)
Rep. Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles (District 35/D-Alice)
Rep. Ryan Guillen (District 31/D-Rio Grande City)
Rep. Roland Gutierrez (District 119/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Mike "Tuffy" Hamilton (District 19/R-Mauriceville)
Rep. Kelly Hancock (District 91/R-Fort Worth)
Rep. Rick Hardcastle (District 68/R-Vernon)
Rep. Patricia Harless (District 126/R-Spring)
Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (District 105/R-Irving)
Rep. Will Hartnett (District 114/R-Dallas)
Rep. Joe Heflin (District 85/D-Crosbyton)
Rep. Ana E. Hernandez (District 143/D-Houston)
Rep. Abel Herrero (District 34/D-Corpus Christi)
Rep. Harvey Hilderbran (District 53/R-Kerrville)
Rep. Scott Hochberg (District 137/D-Houston)
Rep. Terri Hodge (District 100/D-Dallas)
Rep. Mark Homer (District 3/D-Paris)
Rep. Chuck Hopson (District 11/D-Jacksonville)
Rep. Donna Howard (District 48/D-Austin)
Rep. Charlie Howard (District 26/R-Sugar Land)
Rep. Bryan Hughes (District 5/R-Marshall)
Rep. Todd Hunter (District 32/R-Corpus Christi)
Rep. Carl Isett (District 84/R-Lubbock)
Rep. Jim Jackson (District 115/R-Carrollton)
Rep. Delwin Jones (District 83/R-Lubbock)
Rep. Jim Keffer (District 60/R-Eastland)
Rep. Carol Kent (District 102/D-Dallas)
Rep. Tracy King (District 80/D-Eagle Pass)
Rep. Phil King (District 61/R-Weatherford)
Rep. Susan King (District 71/R-Abilene)
Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (District 17/R-Lexington)
Rep. Lois Kolkhorst (District 13/R-Brenham)
Rep. Edmund Kuempel (District 44/R-Seguin)
Rep. Jodie Laubenberg (District 89/R-Rockwell)
Rep. Ken Legler (District 144/R-Pasadena)
Rep. David Leibowitz (District 117/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Tryon Lewis (District 81/R-Odessa)
Rep. Eddie Lucio III (District 38/D-San Benito)
Rep. Jerry Madden (District 67/R-Plano)
Rep. Diana Maldonado (District 52/D-Round Rock)
Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway (District 110/D-Dallas)
Rep. Marisa Marquez (District 77/D-El Paso)
Rep. Armando Martinez (District 39/D-Weslaco)
Rep. Brian McCall (District 66/R-Plano)
Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (District 120/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Jim McReynolds (District 12/D-Lufkin)
Rep. Jose Menendez (District 124/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Tommy Merritt (District 7/R-Longview)
Rep. Robert Miklos (District 101/D-Mesquite)
Rep. Sid Miller (District 59/R-Stephenville)
Rep. Doug Miller (District 73/R-New Braunfels)
Rep. Joseph Moody (District 78/D-El Paso)
Rep. Geanie Morrison (District 30/R-Victoria)
Rep. Elliott Naishtat (District 49/D-Austin)
Rep. Rene Oliveira (District 37/D-Brownsville)
Rep. Dora Olivo (District 27/D-Missouri City)
Rep. Rob Orr (District 58/R-Burleson)
Rep. Solomon Ortiz Jr. (District 33/D-Corpus Christi)
Rep. John Otto (District 18/R-Dayton)
Rep. Tan Parker (District 63/R-Flower Mound)
Rep. Diane Patrick (District 94/R-Arlington)
Rep. Ken Paxton (District 70/R-McKinney)
Rep. Aaron Peña (District 40/D-Edinburg)
Rep. Larry Phillips (District 62/R-Sherman)
Rep. Joe Pickett (District 79/D-El Paso)
Rep. Paula Pierson (District 93/D-Arlington)
Rep. Jim Pitts (District 10/R-Waxahachie)
Rep. Chente Quintanilla (District 75/D-El Paso)
Rep. Richard Peña Raymond (District 42/D-Laredo)
Rep. Debbie Riddle (District 150/R-Houston)
Rep. Tara Rios Ybarra (District 43/D-South Padre Island)
Rep. Allan Ritter (District 21/D-Nederland)
Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (District 51/D-Austin)
Rep. Patrick Rose (District 45/D-Austin)
Rep. Ralph Sheffield (District 55/R-Temple)
Rep. Mark Shelton (District 97/R-Fort Worth)
Rep. Todd Smith (District 92/R-Bedford)
Rep. Wayne Smith (District 128/R-Baytown)
Rep. John Smithee (District 86/R-Amarillo)
Rep. Burt Solomons (District 65/R-Carrollton)
Rep. Mark Strama (District 50/D-Austin)
House Speaker Joe Straus (District 121/R-San Antonio)
Rep. David Swinford (District 87/R-Amarillo)
Rep. Larry Taylor (District 24/R-League City)
Rep. Kristi Thibaut (District 133/D-Austin) (NOTE: Thibaut later filed a corrective form)
Rep. Senfronia Thompson (District 141/D-Houston)
Rep. Vicki Truitt (District 98/R-Southlake)
Rep. Sylvester Turner (District 139/D-Houston)
Rep. Chris Turner (District 96/D-Arlington)
Rep. Allen Vaught (District 95/D-Dallas)
Rep. Marc Veasey (District 95/D-Fort Worth)
Rep. Mike Villarreal (District 123/D-San Antonio)
Rep. Hubert Vo (District 149/D-Houston)
Rep. Armando Walle (District 140/D-Houston)
Rep. Randy Weber (District 29/R-Pearland)
Rep. Beverly Woolley (District 136/R-Houston)
Rep. John Zerwas (District 28/R-Simonton)

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